Mike O’Dell

I’m a multimedia artist who happened across quilting when my wife took up the pursuit several years ago.  Large scale art always held a special place for me and a serious look at quilting really got the gears turning.  As an outsider, I started drawing patterns by hand and developed my own style and technique to compensate for a lack of skill.  Breaking large patterns into blocks made for an easy to print pattern as well as easier to piece elements. Years before discovering the quilt world, I bought my first sewing machine to make a Halloween costume.  As I wheeled an unopened sewing machine box to the register, rows of solid colors on the shelves caught my eye causing a thought, “I want to make ART with all those COLORS.”  Legit Kits is the realization of that concept, our patterns often use more than 50 and sometimes contain more than 100 different shades of Kona solids. Every design we make has to elicit an emotional reaction inside me or others or we won’t proceed with development.  Composition and color are everything.
Stay Legit, my friends.-Mike