Marcy Horswill – Studio Tour!

We are so happy to Have Marcy as a designer for Honest Fabric. In March of 2022, we were able to collaborate on a raffle quilt that we auctioned off to raise funds for the Ukraine War Crisis. As we get to know Marcy more, let’s take a look at her awesome studio space! Perhaps you might get some inspiration for your own studio organization….

My Creative Space

Since my life is more about design and less about quilting, I thought I would share my studio, where many ideas are born. First a bit about design.

I began life as a graphic designer after completing a one-year college design program, well before computers were part of the design process. My first experiences in digital design evolved from learning CorelDraw® (an early PC program) and the desire to explore landscape quilt projects. Usually, the designs would be digital, followed by printing them out and making the actual quiltby hand.

Once I became comfortable with various design software, I designed on a computer rather than drawing in a sketchbook. There are countless files saved with half-dreamed designs—only a few are made into an end-product. I am excited to collaborate with Honest Fabric, not only to work in the quilting industry with other well-recognized designers, but to pull some of my designs from the past (and present) and make them bloom to reality.

I am a quilter, though I don’t quilt much right now. I have so many artistic interests it is hard to stay dedicated to one medium. Currently, I am learning how to print with linocut and woodblocks. I want to learn to carve wood, so I am trying to master different tools in that regard. I have some new watercolours I am playing with. I painted on stones with white acrylic ink and tiny brushes—I hope to get back to the mindfulness at the centre of that activity. Despite all the different interests, I always fall back todigital design when I’m overwhelmed or in-between projects. 

I design for Honest Fabric, and design fabric on Spoonflower as well.

In May 2021, my husband and I moved to a home in Ladysmith on Vancouver Island. The room designed to be the main living room was the right size and boasted lovely windows and a skylight to make the perfect creative space. After some coaxing, my husband agreed, and my new studio began to take shape. Several months have passed for the room to become functional, comfortable and inspiring—it is finally my creative space. 

Why do I pursue creativity? When I turn to my studio, I escape the fast-paced world I live in. Time slows down when I walk through the studio door; in fact, time becomes irrelevant. As I familiarize myself with my space and collections, my life takes on a quiet rhythm. My senses become acutely aware of colour, texture and the quiet. Thoughts go down on paper, paintbrushes glide through ink and tools make their mark. My heart beats to my own rhythm and a new idea is born.

Here are some photos of my favourite place—after a little tidy, of course.

All the cabinets for holding all the things and a workspace to play with the things!
Computer workstation and sewing desk. The character in the centre of it all is Tuck, an Australian Shepherd
Tango is also part of my life but is more subdued and doesn’t need to be the centre of it all.
Lino cut printing and some watercolours.
A special corner, especially my children’s art (hanging on the right of the shelf) made when they were young.
Tools and collections.
A shelfie—little treasures gifted from others and found on walks.
Part of my Santa Claus collection, which stays out all year round!
The view from above. What guests might see if they come and stay. Usually much messier.

Isn’t it so cool to see such a fun studio space? Thanks so much for sharing, Marcy!