About Us

Honest Fabric is a printing collective specializing in custom printed, large format quilt tops. Founded in the Fall of 2018 by Karlee and Andrew Porter, it was created on the principles that: 1) Designers should be compensated fairly for their artwork, 2) Products should be sourced as close to home as possible and, 3) that textile companies should practice environmentally responsible habits. Each designer at Honest Fabric is compensated fairly, which means they can spend less time worrying and more time creating! All of our fabric is printed on American soil and supports families within the states. This also means that quality control is much more careful, and turnaround times are much shorter. Finally, every single custom printed quilt top that is ordered from Honest Fabric is printed on demand and goes directly to a loving home where it will be loved and used! The other beautiful aspect of printing on demand means no more shortages! If you order a quilt top, and then 2 years later you want another, chances are we can easily print one for you!

All of our designs are created by independent artists who are experienced and passionate with their perspective mediums. Some are classically trained fine artists, others are hand-letterers, some are formally trained in graphic design and software applications, and others are actual quilt top pattern designers. We strive to create a space where artists can express themselves, explore various aesthetics, and inspire quilters with beautiful and uplifting messages. We believe that in the quilting and sewing industry, there is space for everyone. We can all learn and grow together, and learn a thing or two from each other.

Our custom printed quilt tops have been used for everything from free-motion quilting practice, all the way to being used in competition quilting on an international level. All of our fabric is printed on the softest most beautiful polyester blend fabric. It has very minimal stretch, is colorfast, machine washable, and will not bleed. Whether you are looking to enhance the fabric into a quilting masterpiece, or finish a beautiful quilt in a day as a gift for a loved one, we are confident that we have just the right design for you. Our fabric is printed at 3 distinct sizes (50×60, 68×80, or 88×104) so that not only can you find the perfect design for your next quilting journey, but also the perfect size for whatever type of project you are aiming to accomplish.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and of course, HAPPY QUILTING!

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-Karlee Porter
Honest Fabric Founder