Anna Hutchinson

Anna lives in south west Ireland with her husband, and two boys, as well as working full time as a Technical Writer. Anna grew up with her mother and aunts sewing everything from clothing to curtains! She heard stories of buying fabric on a Wednesday, using a favourite pair of flares as a pattern, and sewing a new pair to wear out Friday night! During her teens, she sewed in school. In university, sewing didn’t feature at all, but a sewing machine was always in her possession for minor clothes repair and alterations. Without realising it, Anna was being creative wherever she found an opportunity. She took up cross-stitching in her early 20s as a hobby, she ran a cake-making and decorating business, and she was a freelance web and graphic designer for five years. During this time she also discovered her love for ink and charcoal, and exhibited and sold some of her art. For someone who never considered themselves artistic, this was all somewhat of a surreal experience. During these experiences, she became aware of quilting, and in 2011, she made her first quilt. Anna has formed close friendships through the sewing community. Sewing has become a major part of her life and identity, and she has great plans for sewing makes way into her future! You can follow her on Instagram and her blog, although she blogs very occasionally!

Social Media links:
Instagram: @ana_giggles