Barbara Rubio

Barbara was raised in California and received patchwork quilts from her grandma growing up. She was visiting her grandma in 1994 when a blizzard hit, so she learned to quilt while being snowed in. She had a 26-year career in the Army but on the weekends and during off duty hours she played with fabric; making quilts. When retiring from the military in 2017 she purchased a long arm machine and created a quilt studio in her home in Hawaii.  

Barb joined local quilt guilds to help her explore the quilting industry while taking college courses on digital media and design. Her passion for design really came to life when she created designs to be printed on fabric to make quilts for family and friends on the island. She had a successful business as a long arm quilter, selling quilts at craft fairs and making memory quilts under Camokai Studio LLC. In 2022 she consolidated her different businesses and launched a new online store, Art Quilts Hawaii, where she sells both her mosaic patchwork quilts and whole-cloth quilt designs.  

She is still trying to remember to post in social media about her quilts, the quilting process and Hawaii. At 56 years old she is embracing what the younger quilting generation brings to the craft and wants to connect, share and continue to grow in her artistic journey.  

Her goal is to share the island way of living, designs and the Aloha spirit with others.  

IG: @artquilts.hawaii
FB: Art Quilts Hawaii