Bonny Steele

Bonny Steele is a Sandy, UT based graphic designer specializing in print, layout, branding, and digital design. She has 8 years experience as a freelance graphic designer and has also dabbled in web design and social media management. Bonny loved her college art classes (especially Art History!) and earned a BS and MS from Utah State University in Consumer Science/Economics. She enjoys many forms of art including sewing, painting, drawing, music, and photography. One of her favorite past times is doing art projects with her young children and helping them explore their own creativity. Her designs are colorful, modern, and fresh. She finds inspiration in nature and conversely in structure of geometric design. Her love of The Beatles as inspired several pieces for Honest Fabric. She comes from a long line of quilters and grew up playing on the floor under the quilt frames in her grandmother’s home. Bonny believes a person can never have too many quilts! She is fond the mountains and canyons of Salt Lake City and the wooded hills outside Atlanta, Georgia—both cities she has called home. Some of Bonny’s favorite things are running, cheeseburgers, Dr. Pepper, donuts, gulf coast beaches, and wool socks.
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instagram: @bonnysteele
twitter: @shehelix