Brittany Lloyd

Brittany is the quilter and designer behind Lo & Behold Stitchery. She inherited the love of quilting from her grandmother, Lois, who was an avid hand quilter. When she passed away in 2013, Brittany inherited many of her grandmother’s quilts and quilting materials. This is when “Lo & Behold” was formed. The title combines the names Lois and Brittany, similar to how Brittany’s quilting style combines the tradition of quilting with modern design.

Since then, Brittany has immersed herself into modern quilting and began to write and design quilt patterns. She is inspired by traditional themes, in combination with outdoor scenery and geometric motifs. Brittany loves to create pieces that seamlessly fit into her own home decor, which often includes calming color palates, symmetrical ideas and vintage-inspired designs.
Brittany works as a Neonatal Intensive care nurse and resides in Raleigh with her husband, Peter.