Debra Linker

Debra is an artist, expressing her love of color and texture on canvas and fabric. Her early training in color theory was in the (very early) days of consumer computer manipulation of photographic images. Working for software companies, she developed technologies that earned international patents and are widely used today.  As her career moved more towards business and executive management positions, and less in the artistic creative space, she found creative outlets in painting and quilt making. Her mother, a Master Quiltmaker, was her first teacher in quilt top piecing, and later taught her hand stitching techniques for applique and embroidery work. Debra also paints on fabric, enjoying mixing painting, fabric, piecing, applique and embroidery to express her love of color, texture, animals, and the world around her. As her hand painted fabrics became popular among friends and local community, Debra started her third business in the arts industry as a fabric painter and dyer. Over time, and with the rising popularity and use of social media platforms, Debra has become known for hand dyed art pieces as background and palette for talented machine quilters all over the world.

She lives in the Dallas, Texas, USA area with her pup Sadie and whichever foster dog is in need at the time.

Visit with Debra online at:
on Instagram @debralinker