Emily Sheffield Smith

Emily is a blossoming creative who loves all forms of art.  She lives in Colorado with her husband and eight children, which are the joy of her life.
Emily loves the creation process of everything from a garden to a new business.  She loves to connect to people and hear about their personal heroic journeys.  She teaches classes and holds circle for women of all ages to connect, heal and improve relationships with themselves and others.
Emily has had creative ideas running through her mind from the beginning of her memory.  She has worked as a designer in the scrapbook world and is excited to work alongside so many talented artists in the quilting world.
In the few minutes of free time she gets here and there with her busy family Emily enjoys sewing, hiking, painting, mixed media collage, watercolor, gardening, flowers, reading, photography, rodeos, and playing with her kids.
It is her greatest wish that you feel seen, heard, loved, and appreciated when you meet her.
Website :  www.bebravelovelife.com
Instagram:  @emilybebravelovelife