Hannah Jelstrom

Hannah is a lover of living things and a mental health advocate. She has always been a creative and a self-starter, and she began painting seriously during the pandemic. After a year of sharing her work through social media, she launched her art career and quickly gained a following for her calming and thoughtful stories of emotional healing and mindfulness. Her love for succulent plants goes back many years to when she and her husband struggled to make a start in life after getting married. These flower-like desert plants grow more beautifully colored in harsh conditions, and they inspired her to always remain resilient when life was tough. Now, Hannah paints succulents as a symbol of resilience and to share the peace and steadiness she gets from her plants. Her work can be seen and purchased at www.hellosucculent.art

Website: www.hellosucculent.art
Instagram: @hello_succulent
Tiktok: @hellosucculent
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hello_succulent