Heidi Proffetty

Heidi Proffetty is an awarding winning professional quilter, teacher, designer and recreational photographer. She has manufactured her own pair of precision tipped tweezers specifically designed for the quilting and sewing industry. But she is perhaps most known for her mosaic style of art quilts. Inspired by the photographs she takes and by the Moroccan style of drawings she creates, using both she transforms her images and drawings into mosaic designs. Then using her original technique and a digital cutter she precisely cuts hundreds of small and intricate fabric shapes. The fabric pieces are then fused and free motioned quilted creating her emotional and visually stunning style of mosaic quilts. Heidi’s artwork and process have been featured in several publications, including Quilting Arts Magazine, House & Garden, Patchwork Professional, AQ Magazine and in the book, Love your Creative Space. She has been a guest artist on Quilting Arts TV and for the online TV show, The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson & Ricky Tims. She is also a regular contributor to the Janome Sewing Machine’s Maker/Artisan program where she frequently provides free digital cutter, sewing and quilting related projects. Heidi lives in Massachusetts with her husband, two teenage daughters and house full of pets. When she isn’t quilting, she’s enjoys spending time with her daughters, flying with her husband, relaxing somewhere on a beach, baking and beekeeping. Watch my appearance on www.thequiltshow.com episode #2406, aired on March 10, 2019!

Website:       heidiproffetty.com
Facebook:     /heidiproffetty
Instagram:    @heidiproffetty