Hollie McKeeth

Hollie McKeeth is a hand lettering artist and a self-developed designer of all things creative. She loves sharing her art and creativity. She is always looking for ways to realize and fulfil her potential as a daughter of God. She was created to create.

With a start in life of humble beginnings, she was born into a family of entrepreneurial spirit. She was taught to be industrious, self-reliant and work for anything she wanted. This training as young entrepreneur has given her feelings pride and accomplishment.

Her first business was created when she was eight. With a day of instruction at the sewing machine, spent with the coolest of homemakers, she began to design, construct and sell scrunchies and wire wrapped ribbon hair bows.

Her love for creating and designing runs as deep as she can remember. She has always loved color, art, crafts, music, typography and words, written and spoken. As soon as she learned to perfect her penmanship in elementary school, she began playing with fonts, written notes, and posters.

In 2016 she was invited to participate in a brush lettering class. She was instantly hooked and was ravenous for knowledge and technique with anything pertaining to hand lettering. Since then, she hasn’t stopped! She continues to take classes and gather all the information she can. She is a lifelong learner. She strives to learn and grow each day and believes that progress is made through practice, practice and practice! She loves sharing and believes that you can develop on a deeper level by sharing what you know. She loves teaching classes to others to want to connect with themselves, practice self care, gain knowledge or expand their skills.

Website: https://www.holliemckeeth.com/
Instagram: @hollie.mckeeth.designs
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/hollie.mckeeth.designs/
Twitter: @DesignsHollie