Judy Niemeyer

From Quiltworx:

“Judy Niemeyer Quilting is a family owned and operated business that incorporated in 1996. Our first patterns were created to be used as teaching tools to assist Judy in teaching, what was to her, a new technique called Foundation Paper Piecing. She saw the ability in this technique for quilters with minimal previous experience to be able to create intricate and complex heirloom quality quilts. Judy’s insight was based on 20 years of experience as a professional hand quilter where she struggled with the different methods used to create new quilts, finish other peoples quilts, or repair damaged quilts. What she saw in Foundation Paper Piecing was a complete set of easily trained skills that creates an overall process that can be taught over several days.

While our company is basically a pattern company, the roots of the company are still focused on the process that Judy wanted to train her students. Every effort made by our company is focused on supporting this process. This support begins in the basic design of each of our patterns, the development and/or refining of the basic techniques used to complete your projects, and the development of an international network of certified instructors and shops that have the ability and understanding to teach the overall process. We desire to create an extensive support group that consists of our company, our international network of certified instructors and shops, a select group of fabric design and manufacturing companies that understand and support your fabric needs for your project, and our involvement with Checker Distributing and Creative Grids, the template manufacturer, to create and supply innovative tools to help complete your project.

Our vision for our company is to play our part in providing the basic tools required to support the quilting industry. Judy has assisted literally thousands of quilters with completing quilts. This experience has provided our company with the insights of what it takes to inspire a customer to go to the effort to start and then complete a quilting project. Every quilt project requires the basic inspiration to start it as well as a basic understanding of the process required to complete it in a satisfactory fashion. The basic motivation to start a quilting project is heavily based on a quilter’s preceived ability to complete it satisfactorily. While a quilter may see an impressive quilt that they really admire, if they don’t understand how they, themselves, can complete it, there is no motivation. It is our desire to provide the process and support structure so that the motivation that is created by inspiration results in finished projects. We hope that through our efforts that a quilter, when inspired, will jump immediately to motivation without struggling with the doubt and possible despair of spending hard earned money of yet another uncompleted project.

At the very start of our company, Judy desired a tool to train people how to complete quilts and that is still our primary focus. Completion of quilts.

We are all about completing quilts.”