Kenzy Hogan

Kenzy is a quilter, pattern designer, longarm quilter, and loves challenging her creative abilities.  Catching the quilting bug at a very young age has led Kenzy to opening an Etsy Shop called Sewing Corals, working with My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe as a Content Creator, and beginning her pattern designing journey through Carina Gardner’s Design Suite Program.  With over 20 years of quilting and creating, Kenzy finds her style of quilting interwoven with traditional and modern threads. 

Sewing Corals originated from Kenzy’s love of sewing and her husband’s passion for saltwater tanks.  Her husband often claims teaching Kenzy everything he knows about quilting but says that she quickly surpassed his skill level and entered into a world of her own. When quilting or designing with Kenzy, you’ll often hear a plethora of music playing throughout the studio and see her pups snuggled on the couch close by.  

This biggest reward for Kenzy is sharing talents with others and bringing creativity to life.  From piecing quilts, cross stitching, longarm quilting and more, its all about giving others a chance to channel their own creative style. Kenzy is excited to bring her talents to the table and spread joy through creativity. 

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