Laura Strickland

Laura Lindsay Strickland is the owner and primary designer for Orange Blossom Quilt Design Studio, LLC. Laura dabbled in quilting as a teen since both of her grandmothers quilted. Under the tutelage of Lynn Sword, she took fiber arts as a highschooler at the Governor’s Magnet School for the Arts in Norfolk, Virginia. In the mid 1990’s when she was pregnant with her first son, she decided she wanted to sew a quilt for the baby. Once she put needle and thread to patchwork she never looked back.

Laura brings a formal art background to the traditional Women’s art of quilting. Drawing on her knowledge of art history, design principles, and color theory she has chosen cloth as her main medium for expression. The nostalgia of traditional forms of quilting holds a special place in her heart. With her quilts, Laura tries to marry a modern aesthetic with retro Pop-Culture iconography and time-honored quilting/sewing techniques.

Laura is known for her portrait art quilts and unique “quilty” objects like her Stitch In Time quilt clock. She has participated in Project Quilting for several years starting in 2013 and winning a challenge on each year there was voting. Laura has been juried into the Cherrywood Challenge exhibit for the last four challenges: Prince, Bob Ross, Diana, and Graffiti. Her Bob Ross quilt was selected to receive the Bob Ross Award. She has patterns published in multiple Quilt- industry periodicals including Love of Quilting, Quiltmaker, We Like Sewing, McCall’s Quilting, and the Quilt Con magazine. Her quilt “Pacific Sunset” hung at Quiltcon 2022.

Laura has been or is currently a brand ambassador for several quilting industry leaders. Sher was an Adorn It! It! Girl in 2016 and asked to return for the Adorn It! Dream Team. She has been one of Mister Domestic’s Master Makers. She is a pattern designer and GO! Getter for Accuquilt. Her work has been featured in Applipop’s on-line advertising. She designs pattern for Shop Hop Incorporated for their multiple state shop hop magazines.

Laura brings a unique perspective to designing fabric. She designs with the intention of creating cultural touchpoints for the quilter. Selecting her designs allows you to nostalgically connect with an era, a mood, or a time and place in your past for all of us “vintage” quiltmakers. Her designs are also relatable and accessible to the younger generation who romanticizes the ambiance and fun of the 1970’s and 80’s. So grab your Walkman and your Watermelon Bubblicious Bubblegum, straighten you side pony tail and coat your lips with Cherry Smash Rollerball Lip Gloss; and disco over to see all the retro fun she has to offer.