Nancy Messuri

After spending many years in the performing arts as a violinist, Nancy Messuri is now devoted to the art of quilting. She started designing quilts full time 5 years ago and has since been published in Quiltmaker Magazine (Jan/Feb 2022) and has won a Best in Show award for her quilt, Hypnotica. Many of her quilt designs tend toward being quite intricate, so the invitation from Honest Fabric to print them as panels is a unique opportunity to share her designs with quilters who can’t, or simply don’t want to piece an intricate design. 

Nancy grew up in a small town in Idaho and after many years away, she has returned to the state that has always felt like home. She has two music degrees in Violin Performance from Arizona State University which took her to Appleton, Wisconsin as an Assistant Professor of music at Lawrence University Conservatory of Music. While living in Wisconsin, she met a friend that performed in the Milwaukee Ballet Orchestra with her who introduced her to quilting! She has been quilting ever since. 

Nancy and her husband moved to Dallas, TX where they lived for many years and raised their two children. There were an amazing amount of rich music and quilting opportunities there. It seemed like there was a quilt shop on every corner and an orchestra in every town. Advantage was taken of both opportunities! 

After moving back home to beautiful Idaho, Nancy was given a life threatening diagnosis. Thankfully, she is now fully recovered, but going through the experience changed her outlook on life. This is when her creativity began to focus on her true passion, designing quilts. Bright colors became very important to her design style. Color has as much power as music to evoke strong feelings. Music and quilting have complimented each other over the years. Though no longer playing violin, the music is still felt in her quilt designs.

Visit her website, to see her patterns and read her blog. She can also be found on 

Instagram: @nancymessuri