Tara Evans


Tara Lee Evans grew up in Idaho but has lived all over the US and Canada.  She has wanted to be an artist since childhood and throughout her school years she oozed art. Often her hands were tattooed with ink drawings and every article of clothing had some sort of paint stain. She loved figure drawing and painting big, abstract geometric paintings.

From 2005 to 2009 she studied Fine Art at Brigham Young University. While there, and immersed in painting courses, she started to experience an emotional distance from the medium that was once her life blood. Painting felt jaded and frustrating. Nevertheless, she persevered, believing that art was the way she processed and expressed life.

The years between then and now saw marriage and the birth of four children. Only producing a handful of paintings in the past 10 years, her creative outlets shifted to photography, hand lettering, halloween costume sewing, and homeschooling her crew. In 2017 a switch flipped. She fell asleep a once-upon-a-time painter and woke up a quilter. A self-taught sewist, she fell down the quilting rabbit hole, reading and watching everything she could get her hands on. She loves every step of the process, from designing to long arming.

In 2018 Taralee Quiltery was born and her first three patterns were released. In addition to designing quilt tops that were meant to be pieced, she also started designing intricate designs that she wished she could print and quilt. Enter Honest Fabric. Tara is so excited to be a part of this collective group of designers and has never felt more artistically fulfilled.  Looking back, she had always been a closet quilter and designer.

Today, Tara resides in Manitoba, Canada, with her husband and four children. She also enjoys baking bread, working in her vegetable garden, and singing jazz.

Instagram: @taraleequiltery
Facebook: @taraleequiltery