Jessie Ziegler

Jessie Zeigler is a designer, pattern writer, and longarm quilter. From the time she took her first quilting class in 2005, she loved the actual quilting part most of all. Since then, she learned that longarm quilting machines were a thing, bought one, and started quilting for customers. Jess burned out on custom quilting professionally but is currently living her best quilting life by offering edge-to-edge digitized quilting services to customers while also designing and writing quilt patterns. 
Her patterns are available on her website She’s oddly obsessed with the traditional feathered star block, having written several feathered star patterns and hosting Quilt-A-Longs dedicated these beautifully intense works of art. She offers a free paper piecing feathered star pattern on her website along with video tutorials that show every step of the process. Speaking of tutorials, she also has a series of long-form video tutorials for a number of free-motion quilting motifs.
Her work has been featured in magazines and in quilt shows. She loves helping quilters hone their skills and fall in love with the art form.
Jess lives in Central Iowa with her husband Josh and sons Jude, Jett & Jace. No, they didn’t plan on being an all “J” family, it just kinda ended up that way!  
Instagram: @threadedquilting