Susan Smith

I grew up in northern BC, Canada, in a home reminiscent of the pioneer days, with no electricity or indoor plumbing. Those hard-working, close knit days shaped my faith and my family, and they remain at the core of my life today. 

Summer was for raising chickens by the hundred and growing beans by the bushel, but long winter evenings were for crafting. I learned to sew and make quilts on a treadle sewing machine alongside my mom. And truly, I’ve never stopped sewing and creating with fabric since. 

In 2015, looking for a faster way to make more quilts, a friend introduced me to longarm quilting, and the bug bit! 

Since then I’ve quilted my way across NICU baby quilts, cancer comfort quilts, graduation and wedding celebration quilts (think speed and efficiency – they need to be timely) 

I’ve quilted novice maker quilts, elderly lady can’t-see-very-well quilts (think bulky seam allowances and wonky borders) 

I’ve finished vintage treasures (irregular hand stitching, odd fabrics, and funky stains, oh my). All through those 1200+ quilts, I’ve met and conquered a whole lot of challenges. 

At one point, I found myself inspired with a vision of a quilt – and the realization that I didn’t have the skill to create that vision in fabric. That prompted me to dive deeply into HOW we can learn – and learn quickly – and to apply those techniques to learning freehand quilting. 

Every quilt, after all, is an opportunity to learn.