Energy Spectrum


Message from the designer, Anna Hutchinson: In 2015, I was invited to exhibit a quilt at a mental health institution with the theme of Happiness. At this time, a friend was training to be a Sound Therapy Healer, and I was lucky enough to experience the healing energies from her singing bowls first hand. I was inspired the singing bowls, which send the most amazing vibrations through your body, and this quilt was born. The design is based on a sound wave and the colours of the chakras. While the quilt design is titled Energy Spectrum, the quilt is known as the ‘Healing Quilt’ in our house. Whenever someone is feeling unwell or in need of TLC, it is called into action!

When designing (and piecing the actual quilt), I was mindful of focussing on happy thoughts and intentions, so as to have the quilt full of hope and positivity. I hope you find this from simply looking at the image of the quilt design, but also when quilting it and seeing it in use!

Available in three distinct sizes, this custom printed quilt top is made of a 100% lightweight polyester blend. The fabric is color fast, will not unjustly fade and the ink will not bleed through years of washing. It is machine washable, with cold water on gentle cycle using mild detergent – tumble dry with low heat. Featuring vivid colors and crisp lines, this highly unique and versatile fabric is durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use. It has minimal stretch, and a fine weave.


soundwave, energy, healing, chakra

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Small – 51" x 60", Medium – 68" x 80", Large – 88" x 104"


Black, Charcoal, Dark Grey, Light Grey


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